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Want to be happier in 2021?

Being Happy is something we all seek, yet, without realising it, we often get in our own way of feeling good.

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Welcome to Lasting Happiness!

If the past year has felt heavy and hard, then you've landed in the right place.

Together, I can show you how you can feel more in control of your own day-to-day happiness.

Stop allowing the words and actions of others (and your own) hold you back from the joys of life that you deserve!

While most of us seek to be Happy, it can often feel like an allusive goal that keeps moving further away from us.

Sometimes it can feel like everyone else seems and looks happier.

I know how it feels to long for a sense of happiness and fulfilment, but not have a clear road map of how to achieve it.

So we can end up stuck in our own Groundhog Day wishing for more, but repeating the same patterns and thoughts that keep getting us the same outcomes.

After researching this for over a decade, I now know that it’s entirely possible for ANYONE to achieve a sense of inner peace and lasting happiness no matter what challenges you've faced in life.

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Hi! I’m Natalie jones.

I’m a Mindset Coach & mentor -
I empower my clients to attract more of what makes them happy and give them strategies and mindset techniques to be free of what holds them back.

My approach is to help my clients to: heal and be free of the past, let go of unhelpful subconscious patterns that hold them back and provide a toolkit of techniques, structures and strategies that set them up for success and lasting happiness in their lives.

The results are powerful and within a short amount of time, my clients see their lives and potential with so much more positivity and joy. As a result of our work together, they’re able to attract more of what they want instead of what they don’t want and have these skills for the rest of their life.

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What Clients Are Saying

“Her approach is compassionate and her advice is practical. I would highly recommend Natalie if you are suffering with stress or anxiety. She is just amazing!"

Priya, London

“Natalie Jones has changed my life. I am happy now and am gaining tools to ensure my happiness and health, no matter what the future holds.”

Kathy, Pennsylvania

“I will be forever grateful that Natalie Jones has enabled me to grow as a person and be happy with myself!”

are you ready to feel as happy and loved as you deserve in 2021?

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I created Think Happy and the Think Happy Academy to share the powerful methods that continue to transform the lives of the coaching clients I work with.

My 1-1 programs are bespoke and completely tailored to your unique situation and needs and my group programs also provide life-changing skills and techniques for those on more of a budget. Through my coaching programs, I'm committed to helping you feel good in your own mind, body and spirit so you have more time and energy to actually create your best life!

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Natalie xo