The One Thing We Don’t Ever Need to Apologise For

As women, we can easily sail through life thinking it’s normal to play down our strengths, to not upstage others and to make sure we never rock the boat! While this may be normal, it’s not actually right.

It never occurred to me to ever question this cultural norm. I come from a long line of women who always put others first and who had no choice, but to accept the roles and obligations they were born into.

We are the generation who are not only questioning the logic and fairness of these accepted norms, but are teaching our children and other women to question them too.

We can’t change all of this overnight, but we can start somewhere and a good place to start is to be unapologetic about our appearance!

How many times have you automatically apologised for “having a bad hair day” or for not having time to put makeup on or for looking “like a mess”?

I’m putting my hand up! Yep! Me too! Countless times.

Why is that? It’s like we’ve been conditioned to feel shame for our appearance when we show up anything less than perfect.

But isn’t that crazy? I used to think I had a fat tummy when I was in my 20’s. Mmm what I’d do for that tummy now! When I’m 70, I’ll probably look back at my photos from now and think, “wish I still looked like that!”

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just be relaxed about how we look, whether we’re glammed up or a la natural?

So beautiful friend, let’s stop being so hard on ourselves, holding ourselves up to unachievable expectations and putting ourselves down so much.

Everything about you is amazing and you’re worth so much more than just your appearance. Mother Nature is a good reminder of this.

This week I noticed sunflowers are in season and these flowers actually inspired this post!

Do you know what I love about sunflowers? They are totally out there and completely unapologetic about being bright and loud and tall and all things happy!

They are like, “HELLO! Isn’t today just the best day and I’m so excited to shine for you. Woo hoo! #livingmybestlife!”

They are not at all self conscious about standing out of the crowd, being “a bit too much”, being too loud, clashing with any other flowers or being out of fashion.

No, sunflowers are big and bright and totally comfortable with being themselves.

They are the most unapologetic flower I’ve ever seen!

So this week, let our humble sunflower be our inspiration.

Thanks beautiful flower for reminding us to not let anyone dull our sparkle, for not wasting time worrying about our “flaws” or mistakes and any stupid things we may say or do because that is how we learn and grow, and let us enjoy this moment right here now.

Remember each day to be comfortable being you because you are as amazing as this sunflower. Keep reaching for the sun!

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